Sunday, October 14, 2012

Unexpected BBQ

Hayley´s was awake all night last night. When she fell asleep around noon I thought she´d be asleep at least a couple of hours. She thought differently though. She woke up after ten minutes with a big smile on her face, telling me that she wanted to go outside and look at some trees. Her favorite thing to do now. I grabbed some bottles of water and we drove to The National Forest. We had Whitey on a leash for the first time. He did great! We only walked one mile but it was hot and Whitey was very warm at the end. We cooled off in Traverse Creek under a bridge before we got back to the trailhead. Back at the trailhead some folks were having a BBQ. We talked a little and the kids played with Whitey. They invited us to join them and we had a great afternoon with a family we never met before!  Really nice people and they are practically our neighbors. We stayed with them for a couple of hours and had a really good time. We exchange phone numbers and I hope I´ll get the chance to return their generosity.

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