Saturday, October 20, 2012

Shine, shine, shine

I spent the afternoon polishing leather and giving Trigger a bath because he´s going to a photographer tomorrow. We are invited to a photo shoot in Oroville, a town a couple of hours away. I think it will be a good experience for him going to a new place he never been to before with lots of other horses, people and “strange” stuff. Of course it´s going to be very fun to have some good pictures of him too.

Trigger is not very fond of shampoo, spray and other pampering products. Not to talk about getting water in his face, he certainly don´t like that! He´s accepting it but he doesn´t like it. Since he´s not a show horse I usually only hose him off if he´s sweating a lot, otherwise he gets a regular, thorough grooming session every day. He likes being brushed, especially on his legs!

Today he had to live through the whole bathing procedure though, even stand still for braids in mane and tail. In my opinion the result turned out pretty nice.

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