Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dogs of dreamtime (Eng)

I finished reading a book last night, Dogs of dreamtime. It´s an interesting story about a woman and her relationship to her dogs, but it´s not just another dog book. This one is different. This book challenged me to think outside the box and not when it comes to training animals.

The author Karen Shanley writes about her own life using a very rich language. She´s describing her journey to free herself from childhood and adult demons that without her permission have nestled their way into her life. She´s living a good life with a loving husband, a daughter, two stepsons and dogs. There are three dogs in her life during the period described in the book. I would say that the book is about how those “demons” of hers makes her life more complicated until she finally is forced to find a way to deal with it. It´s about losses, love, life and faith.

Of course the dogs play a major part of her life. Her relationship with her dogs is very special and she tries so hard to understand why they act in certain ways. She reads books and consults different trainers to maximize her own understanding for her dogs and life. I can relate to her ways of family life, work and relationship with animals. Knowledge gives her a feeling of safety. She wants to nurture and take care of every one, keep them safe from harm. She works on that 24/7 until she can´t take it anymore. It´s a masterpiece. Her inner journey made me think a lot. She describes herself as “the person in the family with a lot of heart” and her husband as “the person with faith”. In the end she allows herself to have more faith. The story is thrilling and she writes with a great insight of the human mind.

When I finished the book I wanted more! I googled the author and found out that she have a really nice blog. I am looking forward to follow her “dog life” in the future as well J


Whitey has become a master when it comes to finding bones in the forest! He finds new ones every day now. And he is getting bigger and bigger!!


  1. Maria, thanks for the thoughtful review! I really appreciate it.

    Your ranch is spectacular! I see we share many interests and values. I'm not yet ready to handle the amount of land you have (though I hope to someday)I do share your vision of sustainability and organic gardening. Oh, and your love of family and animals, of course! : )

    1. Thank you Karen!I really, really enjoyed and appreciated your book. Maybe because we do have many things in common? Having a good book on the table next to me fills me with joy and happiness. To me a good book is written in a positive way, a little bit challenging to my thoughts without being difficult. Your book had all that + an interesting story :)

      Thank You! If you´re ever in California or feel the urge to have some spectacular wildlife experience I would love to take you for a ride on one of our horses in The Sierra Nevadas./Maria


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