Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Flu

This will be a very short post. Hayley have the flu. It started last night with some fever and diarrhea. She´s not her usual happy self today. I know she´s not dying but I think it´s hard for all Moms to see their children sick. Between laundry, it´s been a lot of laundry..we´ve been singing and telling stories. Yesterday she got a package from Grandpa in Sweden with two hand dolls for storytelling. They are soft rabbits and she loves them! She haven´t showed much interest in any toys before but these rabbit’s she´s been hanging on to the whole day. She also got a beautiful Dala Horse in a silver necklace from her Grandpa, his wife and my sisters.
In the late afternoon when the weather was cooler we took a short walk down to the creek. I had to get out of the house for a while and I thought some fresh air would do her good. We brought Neikka, Stella and Miss Penny with us. It was the first time I brought Penny free without a halter. She loved it and stayed close all the time. She stopped and ate some grass every now and then but was never out of sight. The dogs had a good time playing in the creek. Penny was more interested in the grass on the sides. I think Hayley liked to see something else too. When we came back she was still not feeling well but smiled a little bit more. She wants to be close all the time and that´s just as it should be when you´re ten weeks old and not feeling good. We got an appointment with our family doctor on Friday.

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