Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Stifle Claim and Traverse Creek Loop Trail

The number one reason why we live where we live (in Gold Country, Northern California) is because of the extraordinary beautiful nature in the area. We spend a lot of time outdoors. I´ve decided to write reviews of the trails we explore every once in a while. Some of them are many miles with fabulous nature made for one or more days of adventure. Some are shorter and perfect for when you have couple of hours after a stressful day and want to enjoy the peace and serenity that is only found in the wilderness. If you don´t live nearby maybe you want some ideas for a vacation? Otherwise feel free to enjoy the pictures and the stories J
Tonight Hayley, Neikka and I drove to the outskirts of Georgetown, CA. We hiked the short Stifle Claim Trail to Traverse Creek Loop Trail. It´s a short loop 1.4 miles and we walk and ride this trail at least a couple times a month, sometimes every week.
Neikka swimmed in Traverse Creek on several places and had a great time. It was the first time she did this trail. Hayley on the other hand have been here many, many, many times if you count the times she was riding with me inside my belly J She was very curious and enjoyed the ride in the baby carrier a lot. She stayed awake the whole time to not miss a minute of fun. Most of the trail is easy but it has some rockier areas that can be a problem if your horse isn´t used to difficult footing. There are a couple of wooden bridges to cross. Parts of the trail are very lush and nice. In the middle of the trail you ride in a tunnel of beautiful Manzanitas.
Over all a very nice ride or hike. It´s well used and maintained. It´s not crowded but you´ll likely meet some hikers or riders. Dogs are supposed to be on leash in The National Forest but I´ve never seen a dog on leash. It doesn´t bother me but be prepared that there can be dogs running around. There is a nice, free parking space at the trail head with plenty of space for trailers and a good area for unloading and tacking up your horse. Tonight when I walked the trail with my ten weeks old baby in a baby carrier it took us a little less than one hour from the parking lot and back. I would say that we walked at medium speed. I stopped and took pictures and talked to people we met. The trail starts at 2240ft elevation and the max elevation is 2467ft.
There are many trails nearby and the cross each other all the time but it´s fairly easy to choose the right trail. There are signs and you can see the road and some houses from parts of the trail. You will not get lost. All trails are not as well maintained as the short Traverse Creek Loop Trail. If you look on the sides of the trail as you ride/walk up the first hill you can see old mines on the right side. Animals that you might see are; deer, rabbits, rattlesnakes, skunk, eagles, mountain lions and black bears among many others.
This is the exact hike Hayley, Neikka and I did tonight.


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