Saturday, September 1, 2012

The adventure begins..

Faxi From Extreme Icelandics

 …or actually the adventure begun when my husband drove up to Oregon from California ten days ago to take Faxi home. Ten minutes from the former owner’s ranch our truck broke down. The Lady that owned Faxi before was kind enough to pick him and take him back to her place. My husband spent the night at a hotel and took a rental car home, it´s a 15hours drive one way. Our truck has been at a mechanic in Oregon since then. The other day we got a call that the truck was ready to roll again; they changed the motor and a dozen other things. He drove the rental car back, changed to the truck and hauled my horse to California. I can´t imagine many husbands doing that. I will be forever grateful. Thank You Philip!
Philip and Faxi arrived at 5am this morning. Philip went straight to bed after that long drive. I made sure that Faxi was comfortable in the trailer but waited to let him out until we had some daylight. I didn´t want him to get injured the first thing he did. He was very calm in the trailer. The trailer was in one of the pastures and as soon as we had some daylight I took the halter of and let him out. Before he came I took the two bossiest geldings out from the pasture and let old Penny stay as company.
Faxi  walked around and looked at things, drank some water and after a while tried all five gaits around the big pine trees that grows in the back of the pasture. I stayed there for a little more than an hour to make sure everything was alright.
Faxi has a history of being hard to catch. All horses I heard of from Extreme Icelandic´s have been/are hard to catch, I wonder how that happens?  Faxi is not trained yet. I choose to take the halter of him anyway. He´s going to get all the time he needs and I´m not going to do anything with him until he wants too. He´s a smart horse.
I´ve been doing chores around the ranch all afternoon and I felt his eyes on my back all the time. I played with my other horse Trigger next to his pasture. We had a lot of fun as always!  Before I went inside I spent ten minutes talking to Penny that shares the pasture with Faxi. After that I approached him, advance and retreat style, he was cautious. I sat down on the ground 20 min just talking to him, advanced a little bit and let him come up to me which he did. He took a long time smelling my face and my hair, after that he let me stroke his neck and back for a long while. I´m more than happy with that for day one. He´s a wonderful horse. I´m in love! I´m not going to try to catch him at all until he lets me touch every inch of his body, after that I´m going to introduce the halter, slowly. Slow is fast.

                                                                      Penny and Faxi

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