Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Mom´s mission!

I took this picture just before we left the ranch yesterday.
One of my most important missions as a Mom (if you ask me) is to see to my family´s health and a big part of that is eating healthy. Our goal is to provide most of our food ourselves at the ranch within a few years.

I do think of how much money I spend on food but healthy, organic food locally grown in our area has a high priority. To keep the costs down we stack up on groceries big time once a month, visit local farmers markets, eat what nature provides us on our ranch, make our meals from scratch (no premade food, mixes etc) and avoid impulsive shopping (always follow a shopping list).

Yesterday we went shopping for this month’s supply. Living in the mountains it is a smaller project to go to a bigger city and do all the shopping. We´re trying to make it a fun trip without stress. It´s definitely worth it.

We do have a lovely grocery store 10-15min from where we live which come in handy in between our monthly big shopping adventure J

They also carry local products; dairy products, vegetables, fruits and meat. The quality is good and the people very friendly but it´s a small store.

That´s our favorite store for our monthly grocery shopping trip. They have almost anything you can imagine organic and locally produced. The quality is awesome! It´s a huge store but everything is thoroughly planned out, it doesn´t have a warehouse feeling about it. The service is excellent on all departments. We always start with eating in the restaurant. They have two different buffets; one cold (I always mix my own plate from that one) and one warm. They also have really good sushi and a bakery. Philip love their cupcakes, he eat at least two every time we go there! (Good thing we only go there once a month.) After eating a good meal it´s easier to focus on the main attraction – shopping! We stack up on everything for the kitchen cabinets that doesn´t go bad; tea, cereals (you can mix your own if you like. I always do that), flour (they have flour from all over the world, all the kinds you can imagine. As a former baker my imagination on that front is big!), dried fruit, drinks (bears, wine and juice locally produced), spices, tomato sauce, beans (they have a dried beans that you can mix yourself. Excellent for all the soaps I make during the cold season. Nutritious and cheap food.), laundry detergent, and all the fresh groceries that our little fridge can handle! I probably missed half of the things we buy there, they have everything.

If you live in our area or pass by I can highly recommend a visit to Whole Foods in Roseville.

With good food at home it´s easy to provide nutritious meals for my family. Fun too! My kitchen is my favorite room.

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