Friday, September 21, 2012

"Like coming home!"

I took Trigger for another ride today.  It was even better than yesterday. Didn´t realize that I missed it so badly. One of my friends said that it must be like “coming home” and that´s exactly what it feels like!
If Trigger was a little hesitating at the beginning yesterday that insecurity was totally gone today. It was like if we´ve been riding every day for the past year or so. I only walked yesterday, today we did a little trotting as well and it felt ok. We checked if all the important pieces of our routine still were accessible and I´m very pleased with the results. He stopped, turned, changed tempo easily and the ride was overall very smooth.
Tomorrow I´m planning to trailer him to a nearby trail in the National Forest. It´s only a short loop but I´m really looking forward to it. Phil is going to have Hayley in the baby carrier and walk with us, maybe not the whole way but part of it so I can feed her when she needs too. She´s like an eating monster, she wants to eat all the time. Good thing there is solutions for everything! If there´s a will there´s a way! The way she eats she´s going to grow fast and be riding there with me one day soon J

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