Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A good day


We discovered some Hazel nut trees down by the creek yesterday.
Somehow we haven´t seen them before.


It´s a good day when;
                          1.   I spent time with both horses.
                          2.   Taken a long walk.
                          3.   Trained the dogs.
                          4.   Had some quality time with Hayley.
                          5.   Talked to my husband.
                          6.   Had time to eat breakfast and lunch.
                          7.   Taken a shower.
                          8.   Worked with some pictures.
……and it´s only noon J
I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that PG &E came unexpected at 7am. Causing a lot of activity. I had to help them out. Stella our dog scared the shit out of them and Trigger didn´t leave them along. Trigger only wanted to give them love though.  After that I decided to do my chores outside, I was already out so why not.


I´ve decided to keep a journal about my time with Faxi. For example it would be very interesting to see how many hours I will spend with him on the pasture before he willingly let me put a halter on his head. I´m not going to try before he says it´s OK.

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