Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A walk in the park

I usually go for a long walk in the mornings. I have Hayley in a baby carrier and the dogs by my side. Sometimes I bring one or a couple of horses running free too. This morning Hayley was sleeping so I left her with her dad and took my running shoes on instead. It was a very nice feeling of freedom!
This evening I was going to show Phil where I went this morning. We were taking “a walk” with two of the horses. Phil cheated a little bit by jumping up on Wrangle´s back. When Wrangle has a rider on his back he don´t want to walk. Therefor I had my second run for the day; the only different was that now I had Hayley in the baby carrier and a horse in a rope. Luckily I never have to think about what Trigger does, he just follow the slack in the rope. I love that horse! He´s so easy, I feel good taking him with me just about anywhere. I can´t think of any situation I wouldn´t trust him in. I was exhausted when we got back home. I must admit that it was a little bit more pleasurable in the morning! I guess I got my exercise for the day J

When we got back home I put Trigger and Wrangle on a new pasture. They´ve been in “our yard”(close to the house) for a while. Instead I brought Faxi and Penny with me back. I want to keep Faxi by the house for a while and get him used to everything that goes on here, which is a lot all the time (dogs running around, vehicles and people coming and going, horses passing by etc.) Looking forward to have him here.


  1. Hey Maria! I saw that your no longer on Parelli connect. Email me when you get a chance. rodeoangel18@yahoo.com


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