Thursday, September 20, 2012

First ride after C-Section

So I´ve been a good girl and waited 8 weeks after my C-Section before I got up on a horse again, just like my doctor told me to. Today was the day! I haven´t been riding since May and it was rather exciting. I saddled up Trigger. I don´t remember the saddle being so heavy! Talking about heavy..I somehow managed to gain 44lbs during my pregnancy. I really don´t know how that happened. I ate healthy and exercised during the whole pregnancy except the last two weeks when I was on bed rest. The first 20lbs was rather easy to get rid of (the baby and all those fluids that leave your body during and after birth might have something to do with it.) After that it´s been harder and Trigger had to carry 18lbs more than he´s used too. ..I´ll have to work on that. I guess it will be a little bit easier now when I´m allowed to do more than just take walks.

Phil had a lot of fun watching me trying to get up on my horse. That was the hardest part (not counting buttoning up my riding pants!) I didn´t realize that I use my abdominal muscles so much getting up in the saddle. Now when I don´t have any it was difficult. Good thing Trigger isn´t a huge horse. I guess I could have cheated and used something to climb up on, just didn´t think of that. Trigger was such a gentleman during my clumsy attempts to get up in the saddle. Thank You Trigger! When I finally got up I was exhausted. Trigger asked me a couple of times if I really wanted to go. He´s not at all concerned about leaving the other horses, we do that every day. He´s just so used to me walking by his side now that it was a bit strange to have me somewhere else. He did good. After all he´s only four and not that experienced.  I rode him for a short distance, walked him a little longer and rode back. I´m going to ride him a little bit every day and I´m certain we both will be back to where we were in no time.

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