Friday, September 14, 2012

Parelli level 1 and 2 with Trigger

Today Phil and I watched Parelli´s level 1/2 DVD about the seven games and a horse different zone´s. Later when Hayley was sleeping I played with Trigger in a 22ft line. I´ve wanted to have a long rope like that for quite some time now and I got it in in the mail yesterday. It was the first time we played in it today. We also got more familiarized with the carrot stick. Trigger acted like a pro and we had fun! We play all the games in level one now and some of them on level two. Trigger loves the Yo-Yo game. I wanted to film his progress with the GoPro but I forgot to charge the batteries. One of the things we did today was me sending him in front of me to investigate things. I taught him to walk up stairs earlier this year but I always walked in front of him, today I sent him first. He did great. It was a little bit scary to walk down the stairs in front of me. Walking up the stairs in front of me was a piece of cake for him. (The pictures of Trigger and the stairs are old but it´s the same stairs.)

When we were done playing he got his feet trimmed. It was hot today and I´ve been sweating the whole day. In my head I was looking forward to go swimming in the pond with Trigger by the end of the day. When we got there the water was low and it smelled bad. Neither one of us felt very eager to go swimming but we had a nice walk anyways J

When we got back to the ranch we chilled together in the shade. I was half asleep and didn´t see Faxi coming up behind Trigger biting him. I had Faxi in my yard eating grass and now Trigger and I was on the stairs chillin. They don´t share pasture and I should have been more observant. I guess I didn´t think Faxi would have the nerve to come up because Trigger is the highest horse in the pecking order of all ten horses we have. My good boy Trigger whom I still had in a halter (the rope hanging free “ground tied”) was very careful not to come into my personal space in front of him which would have been the easiest choice for him. I walked him back to his pasture and spend some time with him there. One of the things I really love with Trigger is that he´s always up to trying new things and don´t mind leaving the other horses. After all his a young horse, about four years old. Now I need a fitting saddle for him so I can start riding him. I haven´t done that since May. He´s grown so much and developed more muscles while I was pregnant. We played a lot from the ground every day and that really builds muscles! Anyway his saddle doesn´t fit, I tried it on the other day and I would never ride in it.

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