Saturday, September 22, 2012

An evening ride in the National Forest

I feel blessed to have a partner like Trigger. I trailered him to a nearby trail in the National Forest tonight.

He caught me on the pasture, like he usually does and walked right into the trailer. He stood perfectly still and remained calm during the drive. At the trailhead he unloaded in a controlled way. He was content with the fact that he was away from home and there were no other horses nearby. A big black dog came running and jumped at his legs while he was tied to the trailer. It didn´t bother him at all. He stood perfectly still while I saddled him up and mounted on the parking lot among other cars.

When we were ready to go a man stepped out of his truck and came up to us. He looked at Trigger and complimented his conformation and personality. He told us that he just buried his horse, his friend for 18years. I can´t even imagine what that would feel like. You could just tell what a good horseman he was by the way he touched Trigger. Trigger put his face in his hands. He is usually very cautious with his head so that´s a big compliment. The man had tears in his eyes while he talked about his horse.

It was less than two hours before dark so we had to get going. We have been riding this loop before but it was several months ago. It has a couple of bridges to cross and some steep climbing. It´s mostly a rocky trail but it has some forest too. On one place, one of the steepest climbs, you have to jump up from rock to rock. Trigger never hesitated during the whole ride. Most of the time I let him have the reins. It was a prefect ride. Back at the trailhead it had gotten dark. Trigger walked right into the trailer after I released him from his equipment. It´s a short drive home. All the horses welcomed us back home and they got their evening meal.  I am so grateful for this wonderful evening. Thank You Trigger!

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