Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Country life v/s City life

Last night before I went to sleep I listened to all the sounds that came in through my open window. It´s a lot different from living in a city! Which I have done parts of my life. Here I hear the wind, the bats, foxes, horses walking by and talking to each other, coyotes, birds, sometime bears, dogs and other sounds of nature. I love it! It gives me peace of mind. I´m so grateful for this life here on the ranch. It´s a dream coming true. In the city I heard cars and the neighbors’ music or fighting. I like going to the city; dress up, eat a nice restaurant, go dancing, have a cup of coffee or tea with friends and do some shopping occasionally. Visiting is enough though, I love my life here in the woods.

No stress, always a lot of things to do but it´s things that I love. I get up early in the morning but it´s my choice. Going out being greeted by dogs and horses is a really good start of the day. It puts a smile on my face that usually stays the whole day. This morning when I went outside it was all quiet. The baby was still sleeping. I could hear Trigger calling out his good morning welcome as I walked down the stairs. When I entered the pasture Faxi walked right up to me and smelled my face. That has never happened before, that he walked right up to me. He has smelled me before but only after watching me for a long time. This time he just came right to me. It feels like we´re making progress. All our horses always come to me but the fact that he does makes me extra happy because it means more somehow. It wasn´t a coincidence that he came right to me either, after a few minutes on the pasture I went inside to feed the baby and came back half an hour later with Hayley in the baby carrier and he came right up again J I love living on the country.

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