Sunday, September 9, 2012

Some Zzzzz, a bear and a picnic

The American River

Phil read somewhere that babies that have gas sleep better if they sleep at a 30 degree angle. We tried that with Hayley last night. She slept for five hours straight!! Woke up for a diaper change and some food and went back to sleep. Happy Baby and happy Mama!

This morning when I went out to check on the horses Faxi was a little bit more confident than yesterday. That seems to be the rule, every day that passes he trusts me a little bit more. He came up to me like the other horses and was comfortable with me talking to him and touching his face/neck/back and his front legs. Gaining his trust makes me very happy.
Hayley hanging out by the river

I´ve resumed my regular long morning walks with the dogs. That feels very good. I need exercise every day for my wellbeing. Hayley is on my belly in the baby carrier instead of inside my belly…almost no difference ;) The dogs are very happy that things are getting back to “how they should be”. They like this routine as much as I do. Today we met Mr. Bear down by the creek. Neikka saw him first and took off in that direction, Stella stayed with me. The bear wasn´t showing any signs of aggression or interest in us at all. He looked at us and went back to eating berries. Exactly like the last time Trigger and I met him. I believe it´s the same bear. I called Neikka back and she came immediately. I´m grateful that she listens so well. (Not taking the credit for that, her former owners did a great job with her.)
Yesterday we had a picnic with some friends down by The American River at North Folk. They also have a little girl and it´s a good spot for families to hang out there. There is plenty of shade under the bridge. It was a warm day. Later on in the afternoon it was much nicer than in the middle of the day. I like those warm but not hot hours between 5-7pm the best. After that the mosquitos are too bad. With all the cases of West Nile Virus this year it´s kind of scary with mosquitos. Taking the good with the bad, it´s all California and I love the nature here.

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