Sunday, September 30, 2012

Miss Penny (English)

Hayley and I had a wonderful morning hike on a nearby trail with our two dogs. She stayed awake the whole time looking around, soaking in all the new impression. When we came home and she fell asleep I decided to spend some time with one of our oldest rescue horses, Penny. She´s about 30 years old and an Arab. She has a huge swayback and a sweet personality to die for. She adores kids and loves when kids ride her. Once in a while I ride her too but only for a few minutes here and there and only when she begs me to do it. Because that´s exactly what she does. If you don´t think horses can speak, then you´re wrong! With Penny it´s so obvious that she wants to be ridden. Whenever I go outside she comes and catches me. If I have a halter in my hand she tries to put it on herself. Sometimes she almost corners me and squares up like she does when you mount her. If you don´t believe me you better come and pay Penny a visit!
It think that I´m a bit too heavy for old Penny but it makes her happy if I prepare her for a ride (groom her and put a halter on her. You can´t ride her with a saddle because of her swayback.) I usually ride her for a few minutes and then walk next to her. Today she had so much energy that I wished I had a saddle! I think I´m going to invest in a good bareback pad because that old Lady got more in her than 4year old Trigger does J
She sure is a very willing horse. It makes me very happy to be around her. It also makes Faxi very interested in all the fun we have. After I took the halter of Penny and we had our moment of scratching after the ride she walked over to the hay and Faxi came to me. He smelled the halter, he hadn´t seen this one before. It would have been easy to put it on him but he´s still a little bit cautious and I want him to be completely cool with the situation. After he walked away I kept the halter on my shoulder while I was cleaning the bathtubs we have for water. It didn´t take long before he came up again to investigate the halter. We´re taking baby steps every day and we´ll soon be going on adventures together J

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