Monday, September 10, 2012

Safety at the ranch

We purchased new radios with a longer range for the ranch and decided to put them to the test today. They did not only cover our 85 acres of deep wood, water, hills and valleys, they also covered the next five or six neighbors too. That´s pretty good. The cell phone reception is mostly OK here but it feels safe to have a backup just in case. When the weather is bad the receptions get wings and are not to be found anywhere around here. It´s also a matter of safety for guests to be able to contact each other and us at any time. If you don´t have Verizon your phone is not working here.
No matter of how good your reception is your phone is likely not working if you go swimming with your phone in your pants..which was exactly what my husband did with his IPhone this weekend. It was definitely dead after being in the river for 30 min. What would you have done if it happened to you? I would have taken it to the store and got it repaired or bought a new one. My husband opens it up, dry the parts in rice for a couple of days and put it back together again AND the phone works!
A few months ago we adopted Stella a German Shepard with aggression issues. It´s Philips dog (he is responsible for the dogs manners and the horses are my responsibility) he´s been working with her a little bit but since I spend a great deal of time with her I want her to listen to me too. The crazy thing is that she listens all the time when we´re outside the main gate but around the house she sometimes choose to not listen. Therefor I made an extra effort with her training for a couple of weeks. I try to do it fun for her. This morning we played catch in the pond. Between throwing sticks I worked on her German commands. It was fun. Both dogs loves water. The dogs and I saw several bear skats on our walk this morning too, some of them were still warm. We could smell the bear and hear him (at the same place we saw him yesterday) but we didn´t see him today.The fact that our animals and we- the human family, speak the same language is about safety for me.
I´m so happy about my new horse Faxi. I really like his attitude. He is obviously most concerned about humans, not his surroundings. Nothing that love and time wont take care of. I love the fact that he is so curious about things. This morning I took some pictures that I think shows his personality really well. First he observes, then he comes and checks things out thoroughly and after that he relaxes. The light was kind of difficult so the pictures are not perfect from a photographic point of view but you can see his expression really well. He´s a master of body language from growing up in a herd. He observes you and reads the slightest intention. He is also really easy to read. Today I accidently didn´t close the gate the whole way and it opened itself completely while I was attending another horse further in on the pasture. Faxi started to go for the gate at a speed. I directed a lot of energy in front of him and he stopped immediately and turned around. I´m going to love working with this horse! I already do. Tonight I´m going to let him come into the” yard”. Our yard is 2-3 acres fenced off like a pasture. I like taking horses there for some socialization and to get used to things that happens around the ranch (vehicles, animals etc.) To have all the horses used to anything and everything, including gun fire is safety for me.
Faxi and I are starting to learn Parelli together. It´s kind of new to me. I used similair methods for some time but I like the structure of the Parelli program. I figure it could be fun to learn and play together. So far we´re in the very beginning, playing the friendly game in zone 1, 2 and half of zone 3 liberty. I still haven´t tried to put a halter on him. I can easily approach him on the pasture now and we communicate with body language.

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