Thursday, September 6, 2012

Baby time

Hayley six weeks
Today Hayley and I had brunch at Katrinas Café in Auburn. I wanted to go there for some time but it’s always been close when I´m in that neighborhood. Today we were “early” and they were still open. I think they serve only breakfast and lunch. It´s funny, the things they serve on the breakfast menu in America is food that you usually eat for lunch in Sweden and likewise the things on the lunch menu (often sandwiches) are things you eat for breakfast in Sweden. When I go out for breakfast I always choose things from the lunch menu. On some place you can´t do that but on Katrinas you could. I liked the place, friendly waitresses, lots of healthy food choices and fast service. I ate a turkey sandwich and a fruit salad. The sandwich was the best I had in a long time and the salad was very fresh. I didn´t drink the coffee I ordered though…I don´t drink much coffee these days and when I drink coffee it has to be GOOD. Hayley slept the whole time. The weather was not too hot and we had a table outside.
When we came home Hayley woke up very hungry. We spent most of the afternoon just chillin, Hayley wanted to eat all the time. I think she has some kind of growth spurt. Lately she´s begun to really enjoy her baths, when she was finish eating I gave her a long bath. That made her really tired. A perfect baby day J
Tonight after I fed the horses I sat down on the ground next to the hay. Faxi came up and started eating next to me. He is very cautious but at the same time letting go of his cautiousness little by little. After eating for a while he came and placed his muzzle against my cheek for a few seconds. Then he ate some more and did it again, two more times. I haven´t been trying to catch him at all, I want to wait for him to feel confident with me before doing that. Since he approached me several times today I thought that I might try to stroke his neck before going inside. I was standing next to him, very close, he was ok with that but as soon as I raised my hand he took a step back. I saw it coming and took a step back myself at the same time, turning my side against him and looked away. It took two seconds and then I could feel his head against my arm. He stood next to me for a couple of minutes and then he went back to his hay. I´m going to be on his time schedule even more. He obviously wants contact and is very friendly.  

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