Monday, September 24, 2012

I guess bringing my camera is a start

I got my first camera from my grandma when I was six years old. A year ago when my son turned six I gave him his first camera. For as long as I remember I´ve been interested in photography. I always loved the outdoors. Being in the woods or on a mountain is freedom to me. I much rather spend my free time there than in a city, any city in the whole world for that matter. Animals and nature have a big place in my heart. As some of you already know I live in the wilderness of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California. I love it! The remoteness suits me just fine. Every time I go to town (Sacramento or Auburn) I feel relieved when I get back home. It´s the whole experience that starts the minute when I get out of the truck (yes you do need 4 wheel drive most of the year) and open the gate on our drive way; the smells of the trees, all the wild animals, the creek, the birds, the vegetation, the serenity, the wilderness, the peace of mind and our home, family, dogs and horses. All these things that are dear to me are so beautiful and I want to capture them for the world to see and enjoy.


For the past five years I´ve been trying to learn more about photography. I´ve taken a few different classes, I´ve studied other photographers work, joined different forums for photography, done some modeling and taken thousands of pictures. Earlier this year I purchased a Nikon D5100, I thought it was about time to invest in a better camera. One of my problems is that I forget to bring it. I take a lot of pictures but 80% of them I take with my IPhone. They come out decent most of the time but the camera obviously take better pictures. I´m working on bringing my camera more often.


This morning after finishing my chores outside I took a walk with Hayley in the baby carrier AND my camera. Hayley was asleep and I only brought one of the dogs, Neikka the quiet one. It didn´t take very long before we saw Mr.Bear on one of his favorite places next to a Madrone tree by the creek. He was pretty close but behind some branches. I was to chicken to walk closer or over to the other side for a better picture. Or maybe it was my better self that spoke, I don´t know. I guess a more dedicated photographer would have gotten a good pic. I didn´t get any picture at all. Maybe I´m in a better spot next time J The other times I´ve seen him I´ve been closer but without my camera. This time I had my camera, that´s a good start I guess!

We found another apple tree on our walk today. Now we have six. We also saw four Turkey vultures circling around in the sky above the pond. I think they are both scary looking and interesting creatures at the same time. You know something´s up when you see them, either a dead animal or a predator nearby.



At the ranch I have been spending a lot of time with my new skeptical Icelandic horse. We´re getting to know each other a little bit more every day. He is very curious but still extremely cautious. He´s observing the surroundings and sudden movements makes him spook. He snorts a lot, even when he comes up to greet us. At the same time he loves attention and it´s not unusual that he drives the other horses away to get all the attention himself. He´s an interesting character! I really enjoy getting to know him.

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