Monday, November 5, 2012


When I was a little girl I wanted to be Laura Ingalls in The little house on the prairie. As a teenager I had a crush on Josh MacCahan in How the west was won and I couldn´t wait for the next episode of The MacLeoud´s Daughters. I always been attracted to the ranching lifestyle. When Tess in The MacLeoud´s Daughters bought alpacas I almost became obsessed by alpacas. They were so sweet and adorable in every way. Not many people know this about me…but I also enjoy knitting a lot! Alpaca wool is really something extra. I started reading everything I found about alpacas. The more I read about them the more I liked them. The only little issue was that I lived in Sweden at the time and alpacas are not very common there. (In fact I´d never met any alpaca in person until a few months ago.)

In California it´s a little bit more common to have alpacas. Still they are kind of rare. I spread the word that I wanted alpacas in the area where we live. Among others I talked to the owner of a local feed store. It didn´t take long (only a few days) until a lady came to them to talk about placing her alpacas in a good home since her husband passed away recently and she couldn´t keep them. This was a few months ago. I wasn´t really prepared for the quick respond I got, we had to make some preparation for our new furry family members. Yesterday we could finally welcome them to our home.

They are all very personable, with unique personalities. They are brothers, three adults and one baby. According to the lady they were all good friends. The three adults are but they are not kind to the little one. I had to separate them, which is not a big problem. However until I could separate them, it was a little chaotic, Trigger stood up and protected the baby. It was touching to see. Trigger is not always good with other horses, but has always been good with other farm animals. He loves sheep and cows especially their young ones.

All four of them need names. What should we name these cuties? Ideas?


  1. Hi there! Love your blog! Life seems so peaceful. I joined your blog and wanted to see if you would follow me back on blogger
    Thanks so much!
    Katie Corley

  2. I love your blog!

    This post from last tuesday is so me! That´s how I like to do :)Looking forward to follow you and get inspired. Slow down, breath and live in the moment - what could be more precious? Thank you Katie!
    All the best,

  3. I initially thought they were Lamas, and I was like WOAH! Lamas still exist?! And, then I realized they were something completely different! Never heard about them earlier. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures. These are super cute, I think they already have a name now. :)


    1. They are closely related to llamas, but very different. We have a couple of llamas too. We have the llamas as guard animals. They keep the coyotes and mountain lions away. The alpacas are much friendlier and their fur of better quality for clothes :)

      The alpacas names are Eenie, Meenie, Mieniie (and Moe, the baby. He tragically passed away.)


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