Friday, November 9, 2012

The first snow

Not much yet but things can happen fast when it starts to snow!

Last night we got the first snow. The first snow for the season and the first snow Hayley and Whitey ever seen.

I spent the morning preparing for an electricity outage. I´m getting pretty good at that since every snow/rain or a windy day equals no electricity. Good thing Hayley was hypnotized by the snow falling from the sky because I had a busy morning. This is what I do days like today, to be prepared:

1.  I fill up everything I find with water. We always have some water stored but I make sure we have enough. You don´t know for how long an outage last, 30 minutes or two weeks? We had both kinds last winter.

2.  I give all the animals extra food and beddings.

3.  Make sure I have enough firewood to keep the house warm and do all the cooking on the woodstove. (We have one cabinet in the kitchen filled with “survival food”, food that is easy to prepare.)

4.  If I have time left I either go to the store and buy more groceries, in case the roads becomes difficult for a few days or bake bread/cook things for the coming days.

I´m working on getting more firewood right now just having a break to feed Hayley. Otherwise I wouldn´t have time to write J

I prefer being prepared than taken by surprise. Maybe the electricity doesn´t go out this time but if it does I´m prepared!

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