Thursday, November 1, 2012

Another way to do it

Today I feel a really strong urge to write! I found this beautiful site - Go small, think big& be happy! You have to check it out yourself but in short it´s about a very positive woman who lives in a very small house. The house is on wheels and right now it´s on a ranch in Northern California. It´s a wonderful house, just very small. She have everything she needs and seems to be able to appreciate all the amazing things (like a beautiful sunset, a bike ride, her wonderful kittens…) in her life more due to the fact that she doesn´t have a lot of things that disturbs her.


I really, really like this idea! I don´t want a lot of things. I do want the things I have to be functional and beautiful but most of all I want them “to be me”. I want to pick every item I need carefully and I want them to be of good quality. When I found something that I like, that works for the purpose it´s made for I want to take best possible care of it so that it last for a long time. I definitely don´t need expensive things, even though I prefer to pay a little bit more for good quality. If I need a purse and see the perfect purse on a drift store then that´s the perfect purse. I like to be organized. I don´t like temporary solutions.
I prefer to have a few set of clothes of good quality, right size and shape than tons of clothes just because they were on sale. In fact I don´t like shopping. I strictly follow a list when I go shopping. I think before I do. When I do need to shop I know exactly what I want and If I don´t find that I don´t buy anything.


I feel free when I have less things that disturb me. Having a few things is appealing to me. To some it sounds boring to have a few things but what if the things you have are exactly right? Chosen with love and style? Not saying that I have my home like that right now. I made a big move when I moved to California and I haven´t really had the chance to build my home yet. I´m working on that. Because of the size of the house I live in now I have been forced to make some temporary compromises and I´m not happy with that. Most of my walls are empty because I have a vision of what I want to have on my walls. Until I found those objects (“the perfect full size horse picture”, antic ranch equipment…) I rather have them empty while I´m working on my vision than put a lot of cheap crap on them simply to fill them with things.

When I found this website earlier today it made me so happy. It´s something beautiful about a minimalistic lifestyle. I want my thoughts, mind and actions be on the same page. Having a few things that reminds me of that gives me peace of mind. Less is more.  Having just a few things makes my home easier to maintain = more time to do the things I want to do ; Spend time with my family, ride my horse, enjoy nature, travel, read, meet  people, learn new things etc.

What brings peace of mind to your home?





  1. I agree with you Maria when you say that you prefer waiting until you find the "perfect thing" rather than accepting a compromise. This is the reason why most of the walls of my small apartment are almost empty, too :))) But now I have some very nice ideas in mind ;)))
    And as regards horses pictures, I know where to find some wonderful photos of Icelandic horses, even though I'm afraid they are pretty expensive...

  2. I´m glad you got some new ideas! I bet I know which Icelandic pictures you´re talking about! I already have my favorites among her beautiful work :)

  3. Did you find Tammy's website from my blog? Isn't it a great idea with less things. I really like that idea as well even if I don't live quite that small. But I have much less than when I lived in Sweden. Like your blog. :) Hope your paperwork is going well. Let's stay in touch.

    1. Yes I did!! Thank You!
      It´s quiet amazing what you can do with only a few square feet.
      Talk to you soon :)

      I really like your blog too ;)


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