Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My saddle have been out on adventures byt itself, without me!

Star Trekk Espaniola, Deuber& Partner
I´ve had my favorite saddle stored at my father´s house in Sweden. However I really been missing the comfort that only a favorite saddle have. A saddle that had you as it´s only rider so it´s completely shaped after you. I´ve missed the sensation of feeling my horse´s every movement. I don´t care if I upset some people here but I just don´t get the same experience in my western saddle (maybe because I didn´t learn to ride in a western saddle?) I want to feel every breath my horse take and “feel every thought” he has. I want close contact but it´s not safe to ride bareback on the trails I ride, or on all the horses I ride. In my Star Trekk Espaniola from Deuber& Partner I can feel all this and have the experience I love so much AND feel safe. It´s a treeless high quality saddle from Germany.

Since I missed my saddle so much I asked my father if he could send it to me. He did, the saddle came all the way to US but got stopped in customs and sent back to Sweden, not to my father´s house though. The saddle got sent to a friend of mine in a completely different part of the country. She received it several weeks after my father sent it! She was kind enough to go through a lot of trouble finding out what happened and how to send it so the saddle would reach me. Today the saddle (with my super comfy flexible endurance stirrups) came to my post office, seven weeks after it was sent the first time. (It´s not the only problem I´ve had with my mail from Sweden...) I´m very happy that I have my saddle here now! Can´t wait to try it on Trigger tomorrow. I think it will fit him but if not the panels underneath the saddle comes in different sizes and are easy to exchange and move around, it´s easy to change the pommels as well for perfect fit J
My friend that sent me my saddle also sent me a gift, a wonderful book with amazing horse pictures taken by one of my favorite photographer Tim Flach http://www.timflach.com/  . What better gift could you possibly give a person who loves books, photography and horses?


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