Thursday, November 8, 2012

11 + 1½ Horse(s)

All the pictures in todays post is Aya Wrangle
 Philip´s endurance horse.

I was updating my profile on a webpage where I sometimes sell pictures and I thought it was a good idea to mention something about all our animals on my profile. I counted our horses. We don´t have all of them here at the ranch so I don´t see everyone every day, therefor the counting. Some of the rescues are retired (because of old age or injuries) and live on a big pasture on another ranch. (One of our friends takes care of their everyday needs. We visit them once a week or so, sometimes more often.) I counted to 11+1½ horses.

The 1½ horse is Wrangle´s son and daughter that are coming to our place in a near future. Philip is going to be part owner in Aya Wrangle´s son Aya Bezatal, a 2½ year old stud after THE Bezatal (a very successful endurance horse, won The Tevis twice.) If you´re familiar with the Arabian world you know who that is. He´s going to remain a stud and be trained for endurance riding.

Aya Bezze is 4years old, Aya Wrangles daughter and a part of the deal. She have some ground training but her owner, the breeder, says that”she thinks she´s a mustang right now”.  I can predict that I´m going to be her person since I “only own two” of the other horses; Faxi and Trigger. Philip have a whole collection of horses. Looking forward to getting to know her.

Don´t get me wrong. I prefer having fewer horses and spend more time with them. My horses are my best friends and I want to be able to give them a lot of time and earn their trust. That´s why I choose to have “only two” that are mine (soon three with Bezze). I want them to know me inside out and I want to know them. In one ordinary week I´m offered between 1-5 free horses. The economy is tough right now. I do understand Philips point of view as well. The rescue horses he can´t say no to definitely have a good life even if Philips time is divided between more horses.

Of course I love and care for all our horses. They are all special and have a place in my heart. I do all the everyday care for the horses that lives on our ranch; all feeding, grooming, mocking, etc. BUT when I have “baby-free time” to ride/train horses I ride Trigger, my horse. Or do groundwork with Faxi, he´s not started under saddle yet. My plan would be to start both Faxi and Bezze this winter/spring. I feel more responsible for the horses I “choose to bring home”  when it comes to their progress. I have an individual plan for each one of them. They are my students and I am theirs. Trigger and Faxi are completely different horses when it comes to breed, personality and everything there is except for the fact that they are both young. Interesting that I by accident only have young horses. Nothing I planned for, it just happened. Trigger is four, Faxi is five and Bezze four. One Quarter/Mustang Cross, one Icelandic Horse and one Arab. I´m all in it for the learning experience! This is an interesting time for me J

I was going to introduce you to all our horses but I think that will be a separate post!

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