Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fun things to do with kids on rainy days!


Today is the second rainy day in a row. Yesterday Hayley and I spent the day baking different kinds of bread. I love baking! It makes me happy; the feeling of the smooth dough when I mix the bread, Hayley´s curious eyes (she loves baking too! Very exciting!) the scent of freshly baked goods and the smile it brings to my husband’s face.

Today we started the morning with baby massage. And now we spent almost two hours watching the world outside through different windows. We have windows in all directions and on two floors. There´s a lot of things to see! A windy day like today Hayley is fascinated (even more than she usually is) by the trees, branches and leaves blowing in the wind. On windy days the animals tend to get a little excited and be more playful than other days. See yesterday’s post of two young horses playing. They can run around and play like that for hours. Very entertaining and fun to watch. Other animals Hayley can see from the windows are; dogs, birds (often BIG birds like eagles and vultures), and alpacas. Sometimes we see deer, rabbit, skunk, raccoon and even bears! There´s also at least ten different kinds of trees visible from the windows.

Watching the world from our windows is a much more entertaining show than the shows on TV. Speaking of TV, we do have a TV but we don´t have any channels. We have a TV to watch DVDs. When we moved here we choose to not install channels. At first it was like a test. Would we miss out on something? Or enjoy each other’s company more on our free time?
I´m not saying that we´ll never have regular TV again but right now it´s right for us, we watch movies that we really want to see every once in a while and skip the rest. I´ve tried this before when I was single. Working full time and being away from home 8-10 hours every day I wanted to do something creative with my son in the evening, not watch TV. We had access to a nice indoor riding arena and (almost) every evening we took our horse there. Sometimes we took turn riding him and sometimes we just played with him freestyle (I miss that arena rainy days like today). Both my son and I learned so much about body language and how to communicate with horses during those evenings. We had a lot of fun mommy-son time. I´ve never been in better shape (ever tried playing with a horse on a big field/arena?) and we both slept very well afterwards ready for the next long day away from home. Did I miss having a TV? No!


  1. I would prefer this over television any day! This is great! Thank you for sharing and for joining the Harvest of Friends Weekend Blog Hop!

    1. Thank you! It´s inspiring to read about many of the smart tips and trix others have. Thanks for hosting :)

  2. Hello I'm following from Harvest of Friends weekend hop. I love your blog & especially the pics of your animals. I have never heard of alpacas before, they are truly beautiful. Your family is blessed to have the land that you do to share with your animals. Great post.

    1. Thank you very much ! Alpacas are interesting animals. It´s been a childhood dream of mine to have some. I got them a few weeks ago and I´m really grateful for the chance of getting to know them. They are lovely :)

      I´m looking forward to follow you back. See you soon.

      xo, Maria


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