Monday, November 12, 2012

One opinionated little lady

Hayley prefer to sit in her Baby Björn and look at exciting things.
Rather than being in a carseat like an infant....hahaha..

Hayley is an opinionated lady! 90% of her non sleeping time she is all smile and laughter (if she gets to be where things are happening of course!) The other 10% of the time she uses her voice very loud and clear. She got a high voice! Today she choose to use it at the grocery store. I forgot to bring her baby carrier, she loves to sit in it because she can see so much. I´m 5´10 which gives her a pretty good view of things. Today I decided to leave the baby carrier at home because I was sure that she was going to fall asleep on the way to the store. She didn´t……instead she was very tired and screamed on the top of her lungs the ten minutes it took for me to run through the store and get the most essential things AND the 25 minutes it took to wait in line before we could get out of there. A lot of people were complaining (but no one let us pass them in the line.) Some of the people in front of us talked about the weather, kids, happenings, birthday parties, a lottery  and I don´t know what with the cashier for more than five min after they finshed shopping..I thought of leaving my groceries and shop at another store later. I knew Hayley was terribly tired and there wasn´t much I could do. She had a clean diaper and a stuffed belly, she was just tired. I tried to sooth her but she showed us what she thought of the whole shopping experience today! Tired and not being able to see (she was sitting in her car seat in the cart.) I guess I have to plan things better the next time, or have a plan B. I believe in having a plan B for everything J

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