Monday, November 19, 2012

"The sleep lottery"

The American River at North Folk

With a baby you just never know when you´re about to win the sleep lottery. If you´re getting zero sleep or a full night. Hayley had a fuzzy evening last night. I knew she was tired after a whole day in town. Imagine working with all those new impressions! She´s been sitting in her stroller looking at things quietly just watching the world for a whole day. She´s started to smile at strangers at the mall. It´s like if she´s trying hard to see if she can make them look at her and smile. If they do smile she´s in heaven. She starts laughing out loud and of course their smile just gets bigger.


Joel is showing me a beautiful piece of mineral he found at the river bed.            

However when she did fall asleep at 11pm she was out. She is still out! It´s 9am and she´s been sleeping ten hours. I´ve checked on her several times. I got a full night’s sleep, laundry and dishes done, spent time with my horses and trained the dogs. The sun is shining outside my window. I have a good cup of coffee in my hand (that I didn´t make myself!) and I´ve start to work on some pictures I´ve taken during spring and summer. Since I got my new camera in April I´ve taken between 15000 and 17000 pictures in the process of learning how it works. In the beginning I used a lot of automatic settings on the camera and now I fine tune almost every picture manually. I found some pictures this morning that I took in the beginning. The scene, The American River and the amazing light is very forgiving to my first trials with the camera.


  1. Wow, Lovely pics Maria! And the scenery is mind blowing. I love this post.
    Thanks for sharing your son's pics with me. Made me laugh :)
    Its funny when its not happening to me.

    1. Thank you! It´s one of my favourite places. I do a lot of hiking around The American River.

      Have a great day :)

  2. a full nights sleep for mom makes mom like a new person...I remember those days..and would think is this how the world lives EVERYDAY?
    your photos are breath taking!!
    I a your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

    1. You are SO right about that!! :)

      Thank you very much. I really love the area where I took them. It has a very special atmosphere.

      Have a great day!/Maria


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