Tuesday, November 13, 2012

11 + 1½ Horse, part 4

Here´s the next part in the series about our horses at Northcutt Ranch. Come with me for a visit on our pastures. Don´t forget to close the gate, please!

Norman: 12 year old Quarter Horse gelding. A former roping horse that Philip recently purchased to have a bigger trail horse that can carry some camping gear and also well trained enough for our guests to ride. (Our other horses are a little bit too much for most guests.) Norman is not a rescue.



Trigger: 4 year old Quarter/Mustang (?) gelding. He´s a rescue and we don´t know very much about him except that he was left unattended on a field for one year with three other horses. They starved, the other horses had to be euthanized. Trigger nearly died too. He´s my horse. I had him for one year now. He doubled his weight on that year. His rehabilitation is progressing well. When he came here he had severe injuries in his mouth, his tongue had a deep cut. We play a lot on the ground, take walks, enjoy some trick training and I do lighter trail riding with him. A very brave and curious horse. We´ve met bears several time and his trained for mounted shooting. If he doesn´t like you you´re not even coming close to him. If he does like you he will catch you! Once he trust you he doesn´t really care if there is other horses around. Last summer when I was really pregnant he choose to be in my yard and hang out with me during the days, instead of being on the big pasture with the other horses. We chilled by the creek together during hot summer days. He also enjoys going places in the trailer to explore other ranches, trails etc. He LOVE cows! Trigger have a very special to me J


Faxi from Extreme Farms: 5 year old Icelandic gelding. He came from a herd dispersal in WA. He´s untrained, very cautious, smart and curious. He´s my project. Hopefully future endurance horse. Faxi has five good gaits, show them all when he plays on the pasture. He´s a master of body language and read you like a book. I´m enjoying getting to know him!

Sadeek: 5 year old Arabian gelding. Sort of a rescue. His owner tried to “brake him in” (literally!!) without proper preparation, got bucked of a couple of times, got scared and didn´t want him anymore. Unfortunately Sadeek is tiny, he´s very, very small even for an Arab. He also knows that he´s stronger than a human.. He´s very smart and would not be suitable for a child. He´s a stunning horse with great conformation. Right now he´s being a horse. Meaning eating grass with a herd healing mentally after damaged caused by ignorant people. He would be an awesome endurance horse for a small knowledgeable adult, after training. He´s a very brave horse. Phil´s been training him with a gun, walking next to him shooting targets. Sadeek follow you without a halter even when you fire a gun. He has a special place in Phil´s heart.


Aya Wrangle: 12 year old Arabian gelding after Bezatal. He´s recently gelded and have several offspring’s (we have Aya Bezatal and Aya Bezze). Philips endurance horse. Not a rescue. Awesome horse! He will go anywhere you want him to go; in the city, in the forest, on the mountain on a beach..and he prefers to go fast!
He got a lot of personality in a small package. He´s one of those horses that would die for his rider. He is Phil´s best friend.

This was a little bit about some of our four legged friends. The next time you´ll meet Penny, Lady Bug, Lord Bowler, Flower, Buster and Burt J


  1. Oh my goodness! I am so happy I found this blog! What an AMAZING life you lead! One of my DREAMS is to spend time on a ranch like this one riding horses... Wonderful! :D

    1. Thank you so much! Dreams are made for coming true :) xo Maria

  2. Your blog is amazing! I would love to live on a ranch some day, or a farm! My goal is to have a mini farm of our own. When I tell others they think i'm crazy because I'm such a city girl. Following back!

    1. Thank you Kaitlyn! You´re not crazy!Or maybe just a little bit ;) People thought I was crazy to quit my job as a teacher(I loved that job too), move to another continent and live the life I dreamed of. I never regreted it one single moment! Maybe I am a little crazy, that´s how I get what I want..I am sure you will reach your goal. You really don´t need that much space to grow your own food and have some animals. I bet your girls will love it:)Looking forward to follow your journey towards your goal.
      xo Maria

  3. I truly love your blog!
    Sadeek is Arabic for True Friend, according to a website of Arabic horse names.
    I befriended (and bought) an 11yo little Arab gelding (13.5hh) they named Princeton because he was so smart, but I wanted a proper Arabian name for him, so I went online and found that Arabian horse website...I found the name Sahran, which means Awake. It suits him, because I sense that I will be nearer to Enlightenment through our friendship and lessons I'm learning from being with him. (Prince Sahran? He's already Awake :D)
    Lots of love to you all, and please share more amazing photos of your horse's eyes!
    With great respect,
    (I found your blog while searching the Web for writings by Franklin Levinson.)

    1. Thank you so much Alexandra! Now I learned something new today, I didn´t know that Sadeek is Arabic for True Friend. Thank you!

      How long have you known Sahran? I would love to know more about the two of you - if you want to share :) I am sure you are right, if you´re willing to have a horse as your teacher you will learn a lot. Your beautiful attitude makes me happy!

      I promise to share more photos of our horse´s eyes.

      You will find more articles of Franklin here as well. He´s going to write every month.



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