Friday, November 23, 2012

Lake Clementine Loop - Thanksgiving

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones! We had a beautiful family day. The weather was nice and sunny. We decided to go for a hike before eating all the yummy food. Since last summer we´ve been curious about Lake Clementine loop and we decided to try it out yesterday. It was beautiful! I´m definitely going to bring Trigger there. The article says it´s for intermediate to advanced riders but I can´t see that this trail would be much more difficult than other trails in the area, as long as you have a horse used to the rocky trails we have here. Better keep in the middle of the trail though, it´s a long way down to The American River if you fall. Extremely beautiful scenery. It was a little too late in the day for perfect pictures, I will go back soon!


I had Whitey with me and kept him on leash at all times. He was so excited that I was afraid he would fall into the river if I let him go. I have another concern with letting him off leash in areas with lots of hikers, riders and mountain bikers. Whitey loves people so much. He always stays close to me, but off leash I´m not 100% sure that I could keep him from giving people some “puppy love”. The thing is that he´s getting so big that a non-dog person could get scared. I´m working on making him sit next to me until I allow him to greet people. There´s a lot more training until it´s going to work reliable without a leash. Good thing he´s so cute!
When we came home Phil cooked a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner while I took care of Hayley. He´s a good cook. I like the American tradition that the men cook during holidays. That´s something I can get used to! Hayley went to bed early and we had some grown up time. Indeed a very Happy Thanksgiving. I´m grateful for all the wonderful people in my life, family and friends, near and far. You are all very important and I love you!


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