Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My little BIG girl!

Hayley eats "real food" for the first time
Hayley have been extremely curious about what we´re doing sitting around the table during meals. A couple of weeks ago she was satisfied watching us from a blanket on the floor next to us (those few times when she wasn´t eating herself). Not anymore! She wants to sit in my lap or on the table. Hayley have a very good appetite. Two days ago I let her taste “real food” for the first time in her life. My thought was to wait until she´s six months old before letting her try food (she´s four now) but her curiosity and demands of food made me change my mind in the matter. She eats a lot (many, many hours every day).

I gave her a mix of bananas and rice cereals and a few sips of water from a glass to go with it. That was an interesting experience! She was very willing to try! It took her a minute to get used to the fact that it wasn´t as easy to swallow as breast milk. She wanted to drink a lot of water, I had to stop her. She grabbed the glass with both hands and wanted to drink the whole time. She SCREAMED when she didn´t get to drink more water. I didn´t want her to be filled up with water so I nursed her instead. After that I have given her a little taste of the banana/rice cereal mix a couple of times. She likes it! My big girl all grown up…

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