Sunday, November 11, 2012

11 + 1½ Horse, part 3

Aya Bezze

Aya Bezze: 4 year old Arabian mare after Aya Wrangle. Sister to Aya Bezatal. She came to the ranch with her brother this morning. The ground was still frozen when they came at 6.30am. She´s sharing pasture with Faxi and they become friends immediately. Faxi´s been really great together with all horses we put him with. Aya Bezze and Faxi are going to be on the pasture closest to the house this winter. When I have a minute over I´m going to work with them. That´s going to be my little project. I´m very excited about it. I spent a couple of hours on their pasture today. Neither one of them has much training in the past to talk about and are rather “wild”. I feel that Bezze and I speak the same language and looking forward to getting to know her better. I´m sure that she will teach me a lot.


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