Monday, November 19, 2012

A little adventure..


Around noon I decided to take the dogs for a walk. When I got me and the baby dressed and outside I discovered that the back gate was open. Only my faithful dog Neikka was waiting for me. Stella is an adventurer and had taken the opportunity to have some fun. Stella has wondered of by herself during our walks before but Whitey usually prefers to stay close to home. Not today though! I guess it was too tempting with an open gate. Neikka and I walked the big loop 2,5miles around the whole property calling out their names. No dogs in sight. No dogs waiting for us at home either. I was kind of worried but had to stop at home to feed the baby before I could continue my search. Then I get a call from a lady that asks me if I have a dog named Whitey. Thank God he had an ID tag. The lady was very nice and she had both dogs in her yard, seven miles from us! I drove over there and they were really nice people. They almost didn´t want to return Whitey J


  1. glad to know you got Whitney back!!

  2. Vilken tur att hundarna återfanns och att allt var frid och fröjd. Det var en rätt lång sträcka de vandrat. Whitey verkar vara glad att återförenas med sin "mamma". ;) Kram!

    1. Ja verkligen! Jag var rätt orolig.. Han är ju fortfarande valp och Pitbulls är dessutom den mest stöldbegärliga hundrasen.


  3. Oh my goodness. Thankfully, your got Whitney back. My heart would have stopped for a second. So glad to hear!!


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