Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Stormy Weather

It was very windy last night. Almost all the leaves that were left on the oak trees sailed their way to the ground. The ground is covered with leaves. It´s a special kind of beauty.  Like a silent golden carpet made of nature. I really like fall, or since it´s soon to be December I guess it´s winter?

We have a very old oak tree a little too close to the house and when I went outside to check on the animals this morning I found some branches on the ground after last night´s storm. No big ones. (I´m trying not to park any vehicle or stand under that tree for any longer periods of time though.)
The animals doesn´t really seem to care about wind or rain. They have fun in all weathers. This morning our young alpacas played and played for hours, some kind of wrestling game. They look so funny, like furry balls rolling around on the ground.

I´m so grateful for the joy our animals bring to my life. They are a great source of energy.
I trained the dogs in the pouring rain and they seem to have as much fun as I did J

The horses don´t mind the rain either. Especially not Faxi!! He LOVES water – rain, sprinkler, creek, river, pond, lake…all the same to him. The only thing I´m concerned about is the danger of them losing their footing when I ride. Mud, rocks, grass, and leaves become very slippery even for the most sure footed horse. I´m looking for places to ride, I need to condition Trigger more and start a couple of young horses.


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