Sunday, November 25, 2012

A perfectly wonderful start on a very exciting day!

Hayley decided to sleep in again. Today Stella choose another tactic to get my attention. She started to herd the alpacas and move them in different directions..away from their food. In that way she didn´t have to call me, the alpacas did.

It was a very beautiful morning. I decided to get some mud on my running shoes. Stella and the other dogs liked that idea. So did Faxi, he came along on his side of the fence until the end of his pasture. I know that he would have liked to go further too. Next time! I´m so looking forward to ride him soon. We´re getting there. He wants to do things with me now and that´s exactly what I´ve been waiting for to move to the next step with his training.

It was very cold earlier this morning. It was almost painful to breath and my eyes were filled with tears. I had to stop a few times and blink the tears out of my eyes. Nature showed me its most beautiful side, sun beams searching their way through the woods and an early morning mist dancing on our pond.

When I came back home I took the back gate, next to the alpacas. The gate is a little tricky to close and I have to lean forward to close it. As I lean forward Meenie (our brown alpaca) sneaks up on me and grab the gun I have in my holster with his teeth. (I always carry a gun when I´m alone in the woods.) Meenie made it into some kind of game to do this. The gun is secured so he could never get it out of the holster but he surprises me every time he does it. I never hear him coming and I got great hearing!

 A great start of an exciting day ;)


  1. What a great start to the day! I need to get my running shoes on. =0)
    Great pictures! I'm following back from the Meet & Greet Blog Hop. Thanks for joining!

  2. Following back from the blog hop. So great to "meet" you! What a gorgeous picture!

    1. Thank you! Nice to "meet" you too :) See you soon.
      Have a great day!



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