Thursday, November 15, 2012

A little break and some fresh air

Eldorado National Forest

It´s been kind of crazy for a couple of days. The washing machine broke down. Imagine being without a washing machine with a baby and a very “dirty” (ranching) life style. Then add that the septic tank become full….I got the septic tank emptied yesterday and a few hours later a new washing machine. Guess what I´ve been doing today? Yeah, that´s right, a zillion loads of laundry.

After a while I decided that Hayley and I needed to go outside. I have a huge personality flaw and that is; if I don´t get time outdoors every day I get a little cranky. I love taking care of a house too; the indoor stuff, but I need fresh air in my lungs and the wind against my cheeks to feel alive. I´m trying to take that time outdoors before I get in a bad mood.

Hayley and I took a long walk to Eldorado National Forest. My plan was to walk there and back (3++miles). I had Hayley in the stroller. Whitey was with us. We´re training to walk on leash and fuzz off leash (our German Shepard knows her commands in German so to make things easier I teach Whitey German commands too). In the beginning of our walks Whitey tend to forget what he is supposed to do and plays with everything..(chases the leash, walks to fast or stops..) but after two-three minutes he´s back in the game and know exactly what to do. I´m very proud of him. He is so willing to please and really wants to learn. A man actually stopped his truck walked over to our side of the road and complimented him! That made me happy. He told us that they had a five months old Pitbull at home (Whitey is almost four months.)

When we arrived to The National Forest it was SO nice and peaceful. I didn´t want to walk back and I didn´t have anything urgent to hurry back to either. I hid the stroller on a good spot. Not because I thought it was going to get stolen, more that I didn´t want to worry a possible finder that might think something happened (like a mom and baby being eaten or something..)


I fed Hayley sitting on the ground leaning towards a rock. It was actually rather comfortable. The view was fantastic! The sound of the creek in the background made us all sleepy for a while. Hayley was content and very happy. I almost dozed off, it was so relaxing. Whitey took a nap while I was nursing Hayley.

I changed her diaper before going into the deep forest. It was so peaceful. After a few minutes in that atmosphere I feel so good. The time stops and I exist only in that moment. I love sharing that with Hayley. It´s obvious that she really enjoys it too. A couple riders passed us on the trail and we chit chatted for a little while, besides that it was just the three of us and the sounds of nature. Whitey is a quiet follower. Doesn´t disturb the wildlife.

The temperature was perfect in the upper 60´s. We heard lots of birds and saw some Turkey Vultures. We spent three hours in The National Forest. The stroller was on the same place we left it when we got back.  We had an awesome day!


  1. Found you via the Everyday Harvest Blog Hop. Love your photography and your writing. Looking forward to following your blog.


  2. I´m glad to hear that Kerrie! Thank you :)


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