Saturday, November 10, 2012

How alpacas interact with other members of the herd

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The two oldest alpacas always come to meet me when they see me and they talk. I could never in my life copy those sounds they make. Sometimes they sound like birds and other times like cows, horses, foxes…they have a broad repertoire of sounds. I´m trying to learn more about how they interact with each other and what I can expect. I have read a lot about them and I have one big dictionary with thousands of pages of alpacas but it´s very theoretical. In reality they are pretty complex animals. The book is boring. The alpacas are fun!

There are many similarities to how horses behave in a herd. I´ve been thinking about something, should I be careful and make them stay out of my space? I haven´t thought about that at all until this morning. I feel honored that they´d overcome their cautiousness and feel safe close to me. They want to snuggle up very close if they can. When I watch them it´s obvious that they enjoy being close to each other physically. That it makes them feel safe. Therefor I haven´t asked them to step out of my space. If I move and start walking somewhere they immediately step out of my way. I don´t think they are trying to be dominant towards me. Maybe I´m doing completely wrong? Sure like hanging out with my new friends though J They are very interesting creatures. I would love it if you have any kind of experience of alpacas and want to share it with me, either in a comment or in an email.

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