Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A new guest blogger: Lisbeth Johnson Börjesson

Pictures from Northcutt Ranch

I´m happy to introduce a very interesting new guest writer:

Lisbeth Johnson Börjesson from Sweden. Natural Horsemanship trainer, Author, NLP Master Practicioner, Horse Coach, Mentor and a personal friend. She is inspired by great horsemen like Bill Dorrance, Pat Parelli, Ray Hunt, Leslie Desmond and Craig Stevens.

Most of my Swedish readers are familiar with her work since she´s been active in the Swedish horse world for many years. She´s been working professionally with horses for 30+ years. Lisbeth have clinics all over Sweden and she´s written three bestselling horsemanship books. Lisbeth´s work inspire me a lot in my everyday life with rescue horses. When I trained for her a couple of years ago she was in the making of a DVD series about her approach to Natural Horsemanship. You can see my Icelandic Horse Pjakkur on several of the DVDs.


I never met anyone like Lisbeth when it comes to understanding horses and people. And at the same time have the knowledge/willingness/love/determination to use that understanding to empower her surroundings.
Follow us this fall and get to know her better!
Maria Northcutt
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We believe that as stewards of life and land we are the guardians of the world our children will inherit and that our resources must be managed in a way that reflect that ethic.
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