Friday, September 28, 2012


I would like to start todays post with a warm  welcome to old and new readers of the blog; WELCOME!

When I started to write this blog I did some kind of presentation but I thought I´ll make an update on who we are.

A Dala Horse, from the region in Sweden where I was born.
I´m a Swedish girl who met my husband through our love for horses. I´m working hard on improving my English on a daily basis and that´s partly why I write this blog. In the meanwhile please forgive my grammatical errors.  Another reason why I write is because I believe that it´s possible to attract the life you want to have and I don´t want to keep that to myself. Horses are my life and if there is someone that comes close to loving horses as much as I do it´s my husband Philip. He has the biggest heart anyone can have when it comes to friends, family and animals. We currently have ten rescue horses. Horses that each has a history that touched our heart and a personality like no one else.
My rescue horse Trigger after he doubled his weight!

We live on a ranch in The Sierra Nevada Mountains in California with children, dogs and horses (some bears and mountain lions live here too.) We live in the part of California that is known as “Gold Country” from all the gold that they found here around The American River. Another name for the area is “Endurance Country” and that is why we choose to move here in the beginning of this year. Our closest neighbor is Lake Tahoe´s National Forest and a very rich wildlife.


Both Philip and I have children from previous relationships that we have shared custody of. Our daughter Hayley was born this summer. This blog is about life at the ranch, motherhood, horsemanship and endurance riding.

I have a background as a Baker and a Preschool Teacher. I love everything about horses (especially Icelandic Horses), hiking, reading, writing, travel, photography, baking and spending time with my family. Now I spend my days as The Queen of our ranch. At least that´s what Philip calls me ;) I´m in charge of the daily care of our horses and help other people bombproofing their horses for the amazing trails we have here in Gold Country. I also do everything around the house (cooking, cleaning, shopping….) I´m blessed with the company of our Princess Hayley (9weeks old as I write) that tags along most of the day in a baby carrier. If I´m outdoors my dog Neikka and my horses Faxi and Trigger is often seen in my footsteps.

Philip has a background as a Sergeant in the Marines. He´s retired and nowadays he´s in charge of our life stock, fencing, roads and the garden. From time to time we foster dogs with aggression issues until they can be adopted by families. Philip is in charge of their training as well. We love working together and when it´s possible we do so.

On our free time (and sometimes during work too) we ride our horses! Our goal is to ride The Tevis Cup 2014.


Northcutt Ranch is a corporation of life stock ranches; sheep, goats and horses. Soon we will add alpacas to the list. Looking forward to that!

Northcutt Ranch is a veteran owned and operated ranch exploring viable options in sustainability, organic farming, livestock, and a family-oriented ranching lifestyle.
We hold dear the concept of horses for both work and pleasure.
We believe that as stewards of life and land we are the guardians of the world our children will inherit and that our resources must be managed in a way that reflect that ethic.
We believe that all the things we grow are medicines that enhance our quality of life and improve our health and wellbeing.
Every day at Northcutt Ranch we learn a little more about love, life, ranching, agriculture, and sustainability.

This is a short summary of who we are. I hope that You want to join us on our adventures in the wilderness of our ranch!

My husband is the wisest man I know and he suggested that I write my blog in Swedish as well. I promised him to at least see if there is an interest for ranching adventures among my Swedish friends. After the original post in English I will write the post in Swedish as well.

Once again WELCOME!

Love Maria



  1. As you know, Maria, I'm not Swedish, but as someone who wants to learn Swedish language I would love to read your blog in your mother language as well.
    Thank you for your always very interesting posts.
    Hugs from Italy ;)

  2. I´ll see what I can do ;) Thank you Ale!


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