Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hayley 7 weeks

Hayley Northcutt  7 weeks
At seven weeks I´m a happy girl most of the time. I love baby massage, long baths, riding in the car (must have at least eye contact to be happy if awake), going for long walks (sitting in the baby carrier), dancing, eating, listening to music, making funny faces in the mirror, look at happy people, being carried around, cuddles, sitting in the rocking chair (especially at night when most people are´s so entertaining to look at the shadows on the wall). I enjoy almost everything that includes skin to skin contact and being close to Mam and Dad.




  1. She is too darn cute (it must be a Hailey/ Hayley thing) Thanks so much for stopping by Chasing Hailey. I am now your newest follower. Love the pics on your blog.

    1. Thank You! Yes, it definetely must be a Hailey/Hayley thing!I really like your blog too :)


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