Monday, September 3, 2012

Ranch Life at Northcutt Ranch September 2012

                                  – Bears, a Baby and a New Horse
I know I said it before; the blackberries attract a lot of bears. On my walk this morning I saw four fresh bear scats (droppings). They are on our driveway, next to the pond and by our creek. It makes me a little cautious with what I do and where I go. I don´t want it to affect what I do but it does a little bit. So far we haven´t had any bad incidents with them.
Hayley and Daddy
Hayley is growing like crazy both her body and mind. One of our favorite things to do is to stand in front of the mirror and make faces. She loves it! We take lots of walks on the ranch. She likes to sit in the baby carrier and watch things. There are lots of things to watch. Our horse Penny is very interested in her. Every time Hayley and I are outside she comes and wants to join us. I have spent a lot of time on her and Faxi´s pasture since Faxi came. Sometimes I just sit there in a chair. Part of my plan is to hang around a lot and give Penny attention, which she LOVES, to make him interested. He does come up to me pretty close to see what we are doing and sometimes he comes all the way to smell my hair or face. Last night Hayley had a tummy ache and after doing everything I could for her inside I took her in the baby carrier and went outside. I decided to check some fences while we were walking around. It always makes her feel better if I walk around, when I stop she starts crying. We do a lot of walking! Guess it´s good for me too. Yesterday both Penny and Faxi decided to follow us around. Penny with her head close to my shoulder and Faxi right behind her.
Faxi have a very efficient way of fighting the mosquitos and the heat, he stays under a water sprinkler most of the day. I guess it works...and when he is all wet he rolls around in the sand.



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