Wednesday, August 29, 2012


On the way up
WE love to explore new places. We´ve only lived in this area since the beginning of this year and we´re finding new favorite places all the time. Yesterday on our way home from the grocery store we decided to follow a road that we have been curious about for a while. It was a marvelous drive high up on a ridge of the mountain. On the side of the road it was a steep drop down to a water reservoir. The view was spectacular. On the top there were pastures and a village. They had their own airstrip. Some people had an airplane in their back yard. The place was magic and it´s in our neighborhood! It would be awesome to find a trail that leads over there. I think it would be possible to ride there but it has to be on a trail. You can´t ride on the road at all it´s very narrow and steep, on top of it some people were driving very fast.










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