Wednesday, August 1, 2012

one week old

Hayley one week old
Hayley is one week old today. In some ways it feels like we´ve known her for a long time but in other ways we´re learning new things about her every day. She prefers to look at red objects or patterns with circles on, she loves watching the wind playing in the trees outside the window, she loves the sound of running water, she likes when I read to her and when her Daddy sings to her. She spends her days eating, sleeping and watching the world.

Yesterday she had her first Doctors appointment with our family Doctor since we left the hospital. She gained weight and everything was fine. After the Doctor we went for lunch at a Mexican restaurant and she really liked all the colors and the music there. She was sitting quietly in her car seat watching everything with her big eyes while we were eating lunch.

Ssssssleeps a lot!

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