Thursday, August 2, 2012

Painkillers - Baby Care - The Tevis Cup

Since the rather rough birth of our Baby Girl I´ve been on Oxycodone for the pain. They started giving it to me at the hospital and I continued taking them at home. I don´t like taking medicine of any kind and I rarely do it. I particularly don´t like it now when I´m breastfeeding. They assured me that only a very small amount is being transferred to the milk but I don´t like it anyway. It can´t be good. So I have been taking less and less and today I stopped completely. I rather take some pain knowing that no strange subjects coming to the Baby. For the past two days I had a constant headache and I can´t think of any other reason than withdrawal of the painkillers. Only that itself tells me that they can´t be any good. The headache is easing up a little bit every hour and I´m almost feeling like myself! I can think again. Feels good.

Philip is spoiling me by cooking delicious food all the time, bringing me my favorite snacks and buying me all the Horse Magazines that there is to buy in the state. I feel that my energy is slowly coming back to normal. At the same time I know that I´m not very good at knowing my own limitations. My Doctor told me to stay in bed for at least two weeks and take it very easy for six more weeks. Doing too much is usually my biggest flaw. Luckily it´s not at all as hard as when before I had Hayley to care for. Time goes by very quickly now. I love having a Baby to take care of. There are no clouds on my sky when it comes to taking care of children. I just love it. It was after having Joel that I became interested in children and child development. Before that I wasn´t interested in children at all. After I had him I decided to become a Preschool Teacher because I just couldn´t get enough time with small children.  When I was working as a teacher I preferred working with the smallest kids under three years old. I´m in heaven right now, being able to give all my attention to one little infant. My own daughter.
I am going to work a little bit (training horses and I have some photo shoots planned) later this fall but I´m planning to do it without leaving my daughter for longer than a couple of hours at the time since I´m planning to keep breastfeeding her.
The annual Tevis Cup Ride is this weekend. Which means that I have exactly two years to get myself and a horse in top condition to complete the ride in 2014.
I have to start with transporting the horse that I bought from Oregon to our place. (Our truck is still at the shop. It´s unbelievable. From the beginning it was going to take two days to a cost of 500 bucks. Now it´s 3000 and I forgotten how many weeks…still not done.)Then it´s the wonderful process of getting to know a new horse. Groundwork and starting under saddle. I´m looking forward to it all J

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