Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Welcoming two old friends back to the ranch

Philips horse Aya Wrangle came back from his “summertime fun” in Northern California yesterday. He spent a month with our herd there, playing on a big pasture enjoying being a horse. Of course he got to try some new trails as well J

I didn´t realize that I missed him so much until he came back. First thing I had to do this morning was to go outside and talk to him. He has such a great personality. I never really liked Arabian horses before but I really like him. My previous experinces was over shadowed by a crazy ride on my friend´s new Arab in 7th grade. I broke my right leg really bad in 7th grade and had too wear a cast for 6months. One week after  they took the cast away my friend persuaded  me to try her new horse. It was a young, greenbroke, very spirited horse. I should of said no of course, I  couldn´t even walk by myself but I did get up on that horse, with some help. We rode in the forest and my friend, riding one of her other horses, decided to jump over some obstacles. I was suppose to wait on the side...but my horse decided that she didn´t wanted to be separated from her friend. It was a ride from hell. All my fault, looking back in the mirror but it somehow, a little unfair, affected my opinion of the Arabian horse.

Finished reading this book yesterday. Decided that I wanted to know
 a little bit more about these magnificent horses.

We also brought another Arab to our ranch, Miss Penny. She´s a rescue (Wrangle is the only horse we have that isn´t a rescue). Penny is old, very old, I would guess around 30. We got her for Philips nieces. They wanted a horse but I guess their interest wasn´t that long lived or deep as we hoped. However I´m really happy we have Penny. She´s a great horse, well educated, kind and my 7year old son loves riding her bareback (she got a comfortable chair like swayback.)

Pictures of them both are coming soon.

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