Saturday, August 18, 2012

...only five more weeks

I don´t know if I should laugh or cry. It´s a perfect evening not too hot. Like made for an evening ride. I open the windows to let some cool air in. Trigger immediately starts begging me to come out, loud and clear. It´s kind of hard to explain that we still can´t go for a ride. That the doctor told me to wait another five weeks (had a C-section three weeks ago) and then starts slowly by only walking my horse. I wonder if the doctor ever had a four year old horse that haven´t been ridden for three months? Maybe not. Even though Trigger is a reliable, “safe” horse most of the time, a really good partner I kind of doubt that he is eager to go for a slow walk. He would…probably…if I ask him but I doubt that is what he has in mind right now.

Anyway, I went out to his pasture and spend some time playing with the three horses that lives there. The result is that I had three horses that desperately wanted to go to their playground= read The National Forest (the nearest trails). I wanna go for a ride!

I just went inside and Trigger keeps calling me back. It´s very annoying that I can´t take him out BUT if there is anything positive in this – It feels good to have a willing partner that wants to spend time with me.

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