Friday, August 17, 2012

You are what You eat and Wrangle´s good luck

One of the things that I love about California is the access to locally grown organic fruits and vegetables.
There is no secret about it -  You are what You it. Eating healthy food takes some basic knowledge about nutrition, determination and organization skills. First you have to know what makes your body feel good and what gives you energy. We are all different and I don´t believe that we are all meant to eat exactly the same things but there are some no brainers…like most fast foods are not that good for you, neither are sugar, fat, pastries etc.

When shopping for groceries it definitely helps to have a plan of what you want to eat for dinner and a written list before you go to the store. Sounds simple enough? Then it´s the most difficult part…sticking to the list you made J Why would you want to do that? I know why I do it. I want to have a lot of energy and spend my days doing the stuff I enjoy doing. If I only (or mainly) have healthy choices at home that is much easier.
The food we buy at home is mostly organic, when it is at all possible we prefer to buy organic food. Or even better growing the food ourselves, or eating what´s already out there provided by nature itself.
Next year I´m going to spend more time in our garden. I would like to grow most of our fruit and vegetables myself. This year it wasn´t realistic to do so, being very pregnant during spring.
While being on the road it can be difficult to eat healthy, the choices are not many. It might be easier if you bring some healthy snacks to eat in the car, then you´re not starving and it´s easier to not stop at the first drive through. It´s worth spending some time looking for the good stuff. I´m not saying good stuff like in expensive food. Good stuff like in healthier choices.

When Hayley takes her morning nap I prepare healthy snacks that I have in the fridge. During the day if I get hungry between meals (that kind of happens when you´re breastfeeding) then I have a tasty snack already prepared. I usually prepare a couple of different snacks each day. Nothing complicated but it´s so nice to already have them when you´re running out of energy.

Energizing Banana/Nut bread with cinnamon.

Yesterday I woke up at 6.15 by the sound of our German Shepherd chasing a horse. I walked to the window to see what´s going on when I heard the horse go down with a scream. I couldn´t see which horse it was from the window. I did see that all four legs looked like they were in strange angles. I thought I was gonna have to shoot a horse (it would take too long time for a vet to get out here if a horse was seriously injured.) The front legs what caught under a gate and the back legs were caught under the fence. On my way out I heard the horse trying to get up several times without success.

 When I got out it was Philip´s horse. My heart almost stopped. It looked nasty. My guess is that Stella (our dog) and Wrangle was playing. Wrangle is the only horse that actually enjoys her company. The others are kind of tired of her. Wrangle must have made a sliding stop before he got to the gate and somehow slipped. He was definitely stuck and couldn´t get up. He was scared. I put the dogs away in the garage and talked to Wrangle while I investigated the injuries and the situation. Even though he is a small horse I couldn´t possibly lift him up from his strange position. I didn´t know if he had any broken legs. All four of them were in strange positions. The blood on his back leg came from very superficial wounds luckily. I worked on the gate and manage to lift the gate of it hooks. I had to walk around to the pasture next to his to try to get his back legs free, by then he was completely calm just lying there. I didn´t know if that was a good or a bad thing.. after working on the fence, cutting it open and lifting his back legs he was finally free (it felt like a really long time had gone by but it was probably just a few minues) but he didn´t move. I guess he was in shock. I walked back around to get to him and I encourage him to stand up. He did. After a few seconds he walked away, straight to the hay barn! He didn´t limp and got away with some superficial cuts on his back legs. Lucky boy!

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