Sunday, August 12, 2012


Aya Wrangle

When I looked out from my bedroom window this morning Philip´s horse Wrangle was in Triggers pasture. Trigger is a bully towards other horses and I am always cautious before letting him share pasture with other horses, for the sake of the other horses! However Wrangle obviously wanted some action and took part of the fence separating the pastures with him on his way to visit Trigger. Luckily he wasn´t injured at all. Penny, Wrangle´s pasture friend wisely choose to stay on their pasture. I know someone who´s going to do some fencing today….and it´s not going to be me. I guess it will have to wait until later, it´s a hundred degreese outside right now. Fencing was on the list of things to do the next couple of days anyway so we already got some fencing material at home.

I decided to join Parelli Connect to get some new ideas and inspiration for the non riding horse training that I will have to do for a while longer since I had to get that damn C-Section. I´ve been missing riding for so long and now it´s going to take a lot longer before I can do some serious riding (and start my new horse under saddle)  than if I had a vaginal delivery. I am disappointed but I am going to make the most out of it working on my relationship with my horses. I figure it will be more fun and challenging if I tried something that´s partly new for me. Maybe I can connect with more likeminded people in my area as well, which would be very fun!


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