Friday, August 24, 2012

Enjoying nature and wildlife again!

My faithful friend Neikka always enjoys an adventure,
 especially if it includes swimming in the pond or the creek.
Before it become too hot this morning we went for a long walk. In fact the longest walk I´ve had since Hayley was born. It felt good to be out and almost back to how things are supposed to be J
I love taking walks in the wilderness and the Baby Björn sure gives us a lot of freedom.
What does humans, bears, dears, dogs and horses have in common? They love blackberries!
Strange as it might seem the blackberries we pick are always gone before we reach the house...
We stopped on several places to pick berries; they are so sweet right now. We accidently scared a big deer away from a good spot, sorry. Earlier this morning at least one bear had his breakfast close to our pond. The smell was strong and it was strong all the way down to the creek. I know we have plenty of bears but they are closer this time of the year. I love the beauty that surrounds us here in the mountains. It´s a great blessing to be this close to nature.

Trigger is always eager to go out and explore new trails.

                                                   Hayley one month old (tomorrow).

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