Monday, August 13, 2012

Northcutt Ranch

A true beauty inside and out.
Penny, one of our rescues,  having fun today.
 About 30 years young.

Philip and Wrangle also had a lot of fun today.
This morning they went out running and later this afternoon they went for a ride was only 100 degrees something..

Philip and Wrangle just came from the creek. Wrangle prefers to jump over water rather than walking through it and Philip wanted him to walk through the creek...ending up being very wet himself. His boots were full of water when he came home. I bet Wrangle just tried to help him cool down a little bit. It was very hot today. When they came back I watched them working on opening and closing gates. They worked like pro´s together. It´s a pleasure to see how their partnership develops all the time.

Hayley and I spent most of the day inside. We did go out for a walk in the Baby Björn around the ranch, after it cooled down a little bit. Hayley was wearing this cute onepiece that she got from her aunt Lynette.

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