Monday, August 6, 2012

For three days I´ve been taking short walks around the property. The first day it was so hard. I never imagined myself being in such bad condition, not talking about the pain (I don´t take anything for the pain anymore). Yesterday it was a little better. Today it felt really good! Me and the dogs picked some blackberries on our walk. Both dogs loves blackberries, Neikka picks them herself but Stella rather have some help picking them. They´re getting sweeter every day. We have a lot of them. I´ll never be able to pick them all. Along with the blackberries comes the bears. They are here every day eating blackberries. I don´t see them every day but I see their tracks every day and I smell them. Bears don´t smell very good!
Most of the time I spend bonding with my Baby Girl; feeding her, singing, reading and looking at things. I love every minute!
When she sleeps I try to relax, take a nap or read something. I figure I have plenty of time cleaning and doing chores later. These first weeks are so precious.
I´m reading a great book by Don West, “Have saddle, Will Travel”. It´s about trail riding and camping in the wilderness without leaving tracks. Don is very experienced when it comes to living outdoors in the mountains and taking care of the environment. He is also a great storyteller. I love reading about his adventures and picking up some great tips here and there. He designs equipment for trail riding as well and I really like one of the saddles in the book. It looks like it would be very comfortable for an Icelandic Horse.. I have a really nice treeless saddle looking almost like his, but unfortunately it´s in Sweden. I can recommend this book for everyone who loves trail riding or just enjoys reading about great adventures in the wilderness. On top of that there is some great poetry in the book as well.

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